Our Mission

Twinsy Bath Bombs aims to provide the highest quality natural products that heal the mind, body, and soul without chemicals. We want everyone to feel better about bath bombs and change the stigma against bath bombs. Most bath bombs are made with unsafe ingredients giving them a bad name. We want to show the world the benefits bath bombs can have for your skin. By using all-natural and skin-healthy ingredients, we can change the way we see this bath treat. We aim to bring you the bath bombs your skin desires.

Twinsy Bath Bombs provides excellent skincare made with natural ingredients without SLSA, SLS, SCI, Sulfates, or Parabens in our bath bombs. We only use natural botanical alternatives to these chemicals that are known to cause irritation, rashes, damage to the skin, and even cause new allergies to occur.

We make products with nourishing skin healthy oils like hemp seed oil, lavender oil, rose-hip oil, and other skin-friendly botanical essential oils and extracts that are perfectly combined to be beneficial to your skin.


We make made-to-order bath products that fit your needs and lifestyle including bath bombs, soap, and more amazing natural products that bring out the natural beauty in your skin. 


Not everyone is the same or has the same skincare needs. We started the personalized bath bombs with this in mind. I wanted You to be able to create your own perfect bath time experience that is beneficial to your skin type. We will be with you through every step to ensure that you are happy with the bombs! Choose your oils, colors, and additives such as oatmeal and rose petal powder.


We take pride in being handcrafted, natural, and cruelty-free.

Do you care about your impact on the environment? Twinsy Bath Bombs cares! We use packaging that is biodegradable and made from recycled materials whenever possible. We use recycled materials to help lower the environmental impact of Twinsy Bath Bombs LLC. The shrink wrap that I use is cellophane and it is biodegradable. I am finding new alternatives to my current wrapping that is more Eco-friendly while keeping all products as fresh as possible.


Child Trafficking has become a major issue in the USA and the rest of the world. We will do our part to help end Child Trafficking by donating 10% of all monthly profits to Thorn.org. Every purchase with us can help make a difference a many child's lives. Thank you for helping us with this goal.

-Ashley Pearson-Wall