Get The Bath Bomb Your Skin Desires

Luxurious bath bombs that are made with nature's best ingredients that moisturize and indulge your skin with colloidal oatmeal, kaolin clay, and our signature blend of essential oil that will leave your skin soft and hydrated.

  • Want Glowing Skin?

    Who doesn't love baths made with all-natural ingredients that adds skin healthy ingredients your bath’s water that moisturizes and satisfies your skin's needs for healthier, younger-looking skin?

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  • Hemp Seed Oil

    Hemp seed oil has various health benefits, including enhancing skin health and anti-acne benefits. It is so beneficial for skin health due to its nourishing vitamins and moisturizing qualities. Hemp seed oil is amazing for most skin types because it can moisturize without clogging your pores.

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  • Essential Oils

    While essential oils are natural, they can be just as powerful as usual skin medications. With their anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and soothing properties, essential oils are used for a variety of skincare concerns. 

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  • Recycled and Eco-friendly Packaging

    We LOVE nature so we try to help cut down our footprint by using recycled boxes. We use cellophane which is made from plants and is Eco-friendly.

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